12 Piece Brush Set - Coastal Scents


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» BM DISTRIBUIDORA « Local al público y venta online | Venta Mayorista y Minorista | Envíos a todo el país | Factura A y B. 12 Piece Brush Set - Coastal Scents Product Description Create your ideal look effortlessly with the Coastal Scents 12 Piece Brush Set. This set includes twelve matte black, wooden handled, silver ferrule professional brushes that enable you to create a wide range of looks. The brushes are a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, allowing you to choose the right brush for your needs. The fully equipped leatherine case is imprinted with the Coastal Scents logo and includes an individual slot for each of the twelve brushes. The case is also easily foldable and snaps closed with a magnet, safely securing your brushes during travel. This set includes the following brushes: 1. Classic Large Powder (Natural Hair), 2. Classic Blush Angle Small (Natural Hair), 3. Classic Foundation Small (Synthetic), 4. Classic Shadow Medium (Synthetic), 5. Classic Blender Doefoot (Synthetic), 6. Classic Blender Pointed (Natural Hair), 7. Classic Concealer Small (Synthetic), 8. Classic Detail Round (Synthetic), 9. Classic Detail Pointed (Synthetic), 10. Classic Angled Liner Small (Synthetic), 11. Classic Bent Liner (Synthetic), 12. Classic Lash Brow Comb (Synthetic). Dimensions: OPENED Length: 24.50" (62.23 cm), Width: 9.50" (24.13 cm), Height: 0.50" (1.30 cm) CLOSED Length: 6.99" (16.99 cm), Width: 9.50" (24.13 cm). All dimensions are approximate UBICACIÓN Showroom con atención al público ubicado en Paternal, Capital Federal Estación Metrobus Boyacá HORARIOS DE ATENCION Lunes a Viernes // 10.00hs. a 18.00hs MEDIOS DE TRANSPORTE COLECTIVOS // Lineas: 110, 47, 113, 34, 166, 109, 133, 63, 44